Tanya is a mom and grandmother to some amazing kids. She is also a medium along with a crafting Diva.

Sarah is a mom of two great girls. She is a medium who has had her gifts since she was three.

Together they started Michigan Spirit Talkers. They wanted to help others expand and use their gifts, do readings, house cleansing, and paranormal investigations.

They also realized they wanted to be in control of all aspects of the design process with Michigan Spirit Talkers which led them to create their own merchandising business…..welcome to Fullen designs.

What People Say

Michigan Spirit Talkers..thank you for the most amazing and accurate visit from my friend. Y’all really touched me. Blessings


Amazing! It was a great night, the ladies are fantastic!


Friendly, funny and very real…thank you ladies for being AMAZING!


Let’s build something together.

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