It’s beginning to look a lot like……

Well the time is almost here…..that’s right, I mean Christmas! What better way to tell someone you love them, than with a custom made shirt! Or find a clever design(yeah we got those) that are listed on the website! Don’t forget….for every shirt sold, a $1.00 goes to a local charity/rescue! So two great giftsContinue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like……”

Make sure to follow us

We love all our friends and would love to do some contests. But, to do that we need people to follow our site! The holidays are almost here and what’s more awesome than a custom shirt? NOTHING! Lol and what’s even better is that your shirts help rescues and charities all over the United States.Continue reading “Make sure to follow us”

Why we will not charge less than what we do

We have been asked why we charge what we do…There are many reasons. First, we make donations to different charities and rescues. It is important to us to give back to the community. Second, the time it takes to make one shirt is a lot. Especially, for custom designs. Last, we only charge $5 aContinue reading “Why we will not charge less than what we do”

Payments:why they may be canceled

Please make sure you are double checking your info when adding a payment. We have had some canceled due to security codes being incorrect. We have also had some automatically canceled due to fraud. If your card is canceled please recheck info, or contact your card issuer for any issues. You can also contact usContinue reading “Payments:why they may be canceled”

The name change and why it’s important.

When we first started we chose Fullen Designs which was a blend of Tanya and I’s name but we soon realized that we are known to many by something different. The name we are known by also speaks to us in a spiritual sense and is the direction we really wanted to go in withContinue reading “The name change and why it’s important.”